Friday, August 27, 2010

A little Extreme

I realize that all this extreme makeover home edition stuff may not be as exciting to all of you as it is me, but I have to document for my sake. I haven't been working a lot the last couple weeks so there were many occasions that I was able to help at the house. I hate feeling like I might be missing out on opportunities especially when they are rare like this. My dad was involved with numerous parts of the project and my in-laws know the family so it felt a little more personal. I'm so grateful for the opportunities I was able to volunteer it's something that I will remember forever.

My dad helped plan the pep rally that was held a week prior. Nick, Brett's brother was so excited about all this that he called me to see if I was going and he could tag along. The next day this very flattering picture of me ended up huge on the front page of the newspaper. I didn't really care because I didn't think too many people would pick me out of this picture but I was wrong. A lot of people said something even people who don't really know me.

First day of volunteering 5:30 in the morning baby!!

Demo day! It's so surprising to me this that this tiny house stood where the giant house is now. It's magic!!!

Mr. Ty Pennington and Paulie. When I get this close to famous people I get a little star struck despite my best efforts to remain cool

On demo day Brett and I were there for about 4 hours and hadn't done anything but filming. I was a little disappointed because I was really looking forward to doing something to help the family. We were about to leave because it was incredibly hot outside and we weren't being of use when the director came up to us and asked if we would come with him. We didn't know what we were in for but we followed. He took us in the house and then Ty followed right behind us. My jaw probably dropped open for a few seconds because I couldn't believe I was standing right next to Ty himself. Then they gave us a tool and told us to go in the back bedroom. I'm thinking "oh they just want us to make noise great I don't have to worry about looking stupid on camera" WRONG!! They started filming in the house and then Ty and all the camera crew came in the bedroom where we were. The director told us to go at it. I was so confused about what was going on, where I was suppose to look, and what the heck I was suppose to do with the tool that I about crapped myself. After destructing for a couple seconds Ty popped in the shot and shouted something then he put his hand on Brett's shoulder and said something like "lets take 5 and let the dogs get to work". As Ty and the camera crew were rushing out of the house for the next shoot I realized that Brett's hand was bleeding. He was prying molding off the window and a nail went through his hand. It happened on camera and Brett handled it like a champ he just kept hammering away like it was no big deal. After the cameras stopped rolling the director was like "uhh your bleeding we need to get you to a medic".

I was embarrassed to take this picture being that it was so obvious but I was hoping that he was be too distracted to notice.
This is the hole I made in the wall. And let me tell you it wasn't as easy as it looks. I was banging through plaster and then all these boards. I was trying not to look like a big wimp on camera.
The puncture wound
They made Brett go to an ambulance they had outside of the house to get it cleaned up and wrapped. Lucky for us he works at the hospital and could get a tetanus shot free.
My dad gave us some VIP passes for the week so on Sunday we went down there to get a peak at the progress. We ended up doing this a few times because with the passes we didn't have to fight the crowds and we could park close. I just thought it was fun to watch it all happen
Haha I thought this was a funny face! He still is cute tho :)

When our friends Alan and Emily were helping I went down there to hang with them. We ended up getting to do a lot of stuff which was fun. They had us carrying things into the house fireman assembly line style. We were lucky because we got to be inside the house out of the heat.

Later that night Lindsey and I were lonely because our husbands were gone to Preston so we went to watch what was going on at the house. I guess because it was late they didn't have a lot of volunteers so they ended up using us to carry all the items to their designated rooms and help start decorating. I snagged this picture with my camera phone even though we weren't suppose to opps!!

I wasn't planning on going to the reveal because I didn't feel well that day but my friend Kasi talked me into it. We were in the VIP area so it was close but you couldn't see where the limo was going to be that well but we thought it was pretty cool to be so close. A guy with the production crew came up to us and told us to go around the barricade and follow him. Again we didn't know what we were doing but we followed. He put us smack dab in the middle right in the front. They didn't want the barricade showing and wanted to make it look like there were more people there. It was really cool to be that close but I felt bad because there were people behind us that had been there all day dying in the heat.

Kasi and I

Haha! Kasi got excited because they moved us right in front

I'm a total bachelorette fan so when I saw that Jillian was a designer for this episode I thought forget Ty I want a picture with Jillian. When I set my mind to something I do it!!! I had many opportunities to get a picture with her one time I was even standing on the porch just her and I, but I kept getting too chicken and thought I would get another chance. I was bummed when I went home the night before the reveal because I wasn't planning on going to anything else and I didn't get my photo. Even when I decided to go to the reveal I didn't think I would get the chance but it just happened that Jillian was looking for someone right behind us so she walked right in between Kasi and I. I got the guts and I asked her for a picture so here it is ...

Kylie Minogue was a surprise guest for the reveal so I got to see her and then the next night saw her perform on Americans Got Talent. That girl gets around.

I will never forget being there and seeing the families reaction. It's cool on TV and sometimes I do cry sitting in my living room but it was amplified by 10 being there and hearing the crowd and watching the tears, simply unforgettable!

Right before the "Move that Bus"

This picture doesn't even show how many people were there the hordes of people went clear down the street all the way into peoples yards. Notice Kasi and I :)

The Family waiting to go see their new house

Such a beautiful house I love it!!

The day following the reveal the show asked my Dad's company to take photos of the interior for them. I didn't realize how intensive it would be but they ended up being in the house for like 6 hours. They wanted detail shots of every brand name and then shots of the whole room. I went and helped for the first couple hours. The house is amazing I love so many of the rooms. Although the construction is beautiful it's the stuff inside the house that make it so special. Many items in the house are things money can't buy. I wish I could have an entire team of professional designers decorate my house with all the cool things they have collected from other parts of the country because the result is phenomenal. I really wish I could share pictures of my favorite rooms but due to confidentiality I can't post anything until the show airs. I definitely will be hanging on to those photos for my own decorating inspiration because I love the old restored look to me its clean and classy.

Thank you extreme makeover for coming to Pocatello!!! I've heard the family is just loving their new home and everything that came a long with it. They deserved this miracle and I will cherish the opportunity to be apart of it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brett's Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing man ever my HUSBAND!!! I'm so lucky to have this cute guy in my life. I'm so grateful for every Birthday that we get to celebrate together. This year we were camping for my family's reunion so we weren't sure how the day would end up and what to plan. We ended up coming home in the afternoon so when we got home we went to dinner with my family.

My cousins decorated our tent and the campground with Birthday stuff!!
My adorable cousin Bridget and Brett share the same Birthday
Pancakes with candles

Brett got to have a week long of Birthday because we had to do something with his family and he wanted to get together with the neighbors. His family came over on Sunday and we had Brett's favorite meal, homemade taquitos and his mom baked him a cake.

The neighbors came over for pazookies and they were so good. Incredibly easy but very tasty, a new favorite!!!

A favorite neighborhood game is corn hole so the boys of course had to go play and the wives stayed inside and talked.

Brooks and Brett
Alan and Spencer

Brett thought the new beach chair he got for his birthday was so comfy we should just move it right into the living room.
Love you babe!! I can't wait to share so many more birthdays!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stuart Family Madness

My dads family does a reunion every year and its always a blast. This year we went camping at a big group side on the south shore of Bear Lake. When my grandpa past away instead of dividing up his inheritance they decided to invest it and use the dividend to pay for reunions. Genius if you ask me!!!! We figured after ten years of his passing every family would be so big that we no longer would want to do family reunions but that hasn't happened yet. We are all so close and love spending time with each other. I consider myself so very blessed to have an amazing family like this. I would have to say the family dynamics work a lot better when everything is free because then no one is left out and we get to do everything together!!! It is so fun to me to watch how much our family changes every year. There are so many great grandchildren now and I adore them. Seeing the great grandchildren play and put on talent shows takes me back to when I was that age doing that at reunions but with my cousins. Family is the most important thing to me and I cherish the time I get to spend with them.

My baby Abby came with us. It was good to socialize her but I kinda felt like I had a kid to take care of a lot of work. This cute face is worth it though.
Abby sleeping on the way to Bear Lake

Every spare second I had a baby in my arms. This is little Carter so CUTE!

Baby Carters mom and dad

The beach gang

Cousin Jessica, Aunt Jamie and Cousins Joanna and Ali

Look at this hot mamma she had her baby
just a couple months ago and was out there wake boarding. I'm impressed!!!

My sister (cousin) Jessica. I love this girl!! She is the closest thing I have to a sister and I'm so lucky because she is amazing and I ADORE her kids!!!

I love having so many kids running around they are too cute!!

Twins Jackson and Hunter. I'm their favorite cousin because I can tell them apart :)

My cute Hubby!! Brett loves my family and is always there to lend a helping hand. He wasn't by my side very much of the trip because he was always off helping someone or holding a baby.

This kid cracks me up he is so cute!!!

Some of the "older" kids

Uncle "Loy" (my dad) building a sand castle with the kids

Check out this cute girl!!! Ali my cousin is a bomb shell we all envy her!!

Like Father like Son. Cooper and Preston

My aunt Shauna is amazing she always plans the most creative activities. She put together a Minute to Win it tournament. We had two teams green and yellow with fabric ties we all accessorized ourselves with. It was so fun hilarious for the adults and fun for the kids too.

My mom treading noodles on to a spaghetti noodle

Ellie lil miss attitude couldn't get them on so she just posed for a picture :)

Uncle Lamar picking up cotton balls by smearing Vaseline on his face YUCK!!

Jennalee and I holding up our donuts on a string

Finding the worm in the pudding

Ali was so good at it! Her worms were so freakin clean haha!

Parker and Lizzy became good buddies

Uncle Lamar brought his snow cone machine it was so yummy and made me reminisce of my teenage years when I worked at his shack.
Jaxson such a stud

Baby Tommy showing us his statue skills

That smile is to die for

Cousin Bridget

Ellie girl and her mama. Ellie face kills me in this picture

Such a cute girl

We all went to the Pickleville Playhouse and it was a blast. We saw a comedy Bandito Rides Again and it was the most hysterical play I've ever seen. I would highly recommend it the little kids were laughing so loud as well as the adults. Perfect family fun.

HAHA! Nice dad

If you go to Pickleville you of course have to eat a pickle!!!

Love you family!!! Thanks for such a fun time :)