Monday, October 25, 2010

Run with the Big (little) Dogs

My mom signed me up for "Run With The Big Dogs" this fall and it was an experience for sure. My good friend Charish and her dog Charlie came to parade around with Abby and I. I have never seen so many dog at once it was a little crazy. They had about 300 dogs there of all sizes and breeds. I think Abby liked it she seemed a little timid around all those dogs. After the run she was so wiped out I could hardly get her to the car and then she slept all day long.

Before the Run

The doggies were panting so hard after the race it was kinda cute

Charish and Charlie

My mom, Zoey, my 2nd mom Jackie and Daisy

After the race

She is so precious I love her.

Brett caught the two of us napping after the race. I love cuddling with Abby she would have laid on my lap all day if I let her.