Thursday, December 31, 2009


After we got back from our amazing florida trip we still weren't done playing. My dad decided the 4 jet skis were just too much work and maintenance so he bought a new boat. We love the boat it was so much fun the few times we were able to take it out. He didn't buy the boat until a week or so into September but even then we still went out at least 4 times. We were lucky to have such warm weather late in the year. These pictures are from when we went to American Falls around the 20th of September. I never thought we would be out this late in the year it was crazy I know some years it has even snowed by this time. There wasn't a lot of water by the marina so we had to push the boat out and the water was a little swampy but we were the only ones there, it was sunny and very calm. It was such a perfect evening we all had a lot of fun together that night. I love to wakeboard but don't do it often because rough water hurts my knee. For the moments I'm gliding on glass I feel like I'm flying it's for sure one of my favorite things to do. I love seeing Brett wakeboard because he just lights up and gets so excited. He has gotten a lot better lately and I'm sure will improve a lot more now that my parents have a boat. My brother AJ is fun to watch because he is all into the tricks. I can't wait until next year when we can play in the boat some more.
My mom is always all bundled up

This picture is from another time when we went Massacre Rocks and took Zoey. I think she liked the boat when we would go fast she would kind of get scared and want my mom to hold her. We didn't let her get in because A) it was a river B) we don't know how well she swims and C) know one likes a wet dog. Sorry Zoey maybe next year.

So I keep on finding more boating pictures. These pictures are from the Jensens Grove outing in the middle of October believe it or not. We had an 80 degree day so after work I met my my family and Brett at Jensen's Grove for one last boating trip. It got cold towards the evening and a lot of other people had the same idea. It was still fun and one more time I got to wakeboard.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Epcot and Blizzard Beach

Epcot was fun, but it was rainy towards the end of the day and we were just too tired to deal with the rain. In the morning we did all the rides at the entrance of the park. The few rides at Epcot are amazing. There was the dinosaur ride one of my very favorites, we purchased a picture from the ride because it took the picture right after this huge T-Rex goes in for a bite and I'm literally on top of Brett with a very terrified look it's hilarious. Test Track is great Brett really liked that one. Mission Space is one of the new rides it takes you on this simulation and supposedly it's the closest feeling you can get to going into space. I was a wuss so we went on the not so spinning version because I was worried it would make me sick and it wasn't as cool as the full version. I wanted to try the other one when we got done but by that time the line was 2 hours long. Soaring Over California is amazing I didn't know they added it to the Florida park but it is a favorite for sure. After we did all the rides we went over to the villages and walked around. I think there are about 17 different villages and they all represent a country. The architecture, shops, food, clothing, and shows are authentic to that country. It's really cool because for a minute it feels like you are in a different country. We didn't get around to all the villages because that is when it started to rain. Having a poncho on in 100 degree weather isn't that comfortable. Although we didn't get to see everything it was still fun. It stopped raining just in time to watch the nighttime show and it was incredible. Note: Brett finally got a new pair of sunglasses and I ended up picking a pair up for myself :)

Brett Loves Cars I think it will be awhile before he gets this one
A human car wash
I always wanted some minnie ears
I just thought this was a pretty picture
Brett got to ride a Segway around

Blizzard Beach
The next day we spent the whole day at Blizzard Beach. Last time I was there it was my favorite water park but this time I think we actually liked typhoon lagoon better. At blizzard beach there are a lot of slides which at 12 years old I thought was the funnest thing ever. On the day we went it was off and on rainy which made it a little cold being wet and in your swimsuit. All the slides had at least a 20 minute line and I didn't feel like waiting in line when I was cold. So we just sat around in the wave pool and laid out for a while. The slides we did do were a blast though. At blizzard beach they have the tallest water slide in the world. It's called Summit Plummet. You can see it in the background of the picture. The slide continues out the bottom of the ski jump and is so steep it's crazy!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hollywood Studios

This day was great and couldn't have been better. It was Brett's Birthday I purposely planned to go to Hollywood Studios because I knew it would be his favorite. I succeeded it was and he still talks about what a great Birthday that was. Because it was his birthday and I planned ahead we got these fast passes that allow you to basically go to the front of the line for 6 rides. That right there was amazing. We got to ride so many rides because we didn't have to wait in line. We could use our regular fast passes as well so we pretty much just went one ride to another and didn't wait in lines all day. We were very grateful to have it when the line to our favorite ride was about 2 hours long. You could say we were on cloud nine!!!

Toy Story Army man even check his feet out I love it!!!

Honey I shrunk the kids

The rockin roller coaster was a favorite for sure we got to ride it twice because we used our birthday fast passes. At the busy time of year we went you are lucky if you get to ride it once so we were so excited. Seeing his expression after we got off the ride has to be one of my most favorite moments ever. It was a look of oh my gosh did that seriously just happen it was great best ride ever made!!!! We purchased a photo from the ride I will have to scan it and put it up sometime.

If you haven't seen this before you should watch it, it's pretty cool

Brett loves fast stuff and action and we got a dose of it. We went to this car show where they are filming action scenes holy moly so freaking cool. It was a stunt show with cars, motorcycles and jet skis. There was fire and the whole thing watch some of the video you will know what I mean.

The Motorcycle Chase
Yeah the cars would just drive around like this on their sides CRAZY!!!
This video is of a car chase. These drivers are amazing and dangerous and it's all real during our show a car blew a tire. They have it down to a science though when the tire blew all the cars stopped immediately. They said they change the tires every third show.

Both these next two videos are insane!!!

For dinner I made reservations for 50s Prime Time Cafe. It's a hilarious experience they pretend that your family and mom is cooking for you and your cousin or aunt is your waitress. They aren't shy about disciplining you for not washing your hands, being picky about your food, special ordering something. I got yelled at a lot Brett just laughed. All the decor and TV's are all for the 50's I was a blast from the past. I could go on forever about how much fun we had and how much we loved this park. It was a day filled with one exciting moment after another.
The Dessert Menu
Brett getting sung happy birthday haha it's great!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Magic Kingdom

On your second day we went Magic Kingdom and it was crazy hot. I don't know if I've ever been so hot in my life. I was sweating in places I didn't know was possible. My eyelids were sweating people. We had fun but lost some of our ambition to ride every ride from the heat. I would have done anything to be able to ride it's a small world over and over again just for the AC. Note Brett's sexy sunglasses in these pictures!!! He left his at home so he had to wear mine and wasn't happy about it :) I think he just forgot them so he could get new ones and he did. Space Mountain, which is my favorite ride at Magic Kingdom was closed so sad!!! I think our favorites of the day were Splash Mountain and Thunder mountain railroad. Magic Kingdom is great for the parades and shows I love how everything there is so magical. We were done with lines and the heat earlier in the evening but we wanted to watch the firework show so we hopped over to Epcot for a while. We discovered that I good way to cool off is to ride the monorail. I guess since the only thing I can talk about is the heat I will post some pics now.

The parade seemed to be just as exciting and magical as when I was little I don't know if it ever grows old
This was one of my favorites
I know I have seen the Firework show before but I didn't remember all the details like the castle changing colors and all the music that goes with it. I just loved it all!!!
This was so cool!!! Tinkerbell came flying down from the castle! I don't remember that part as a kid.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Animal Kingdom & Typhoon Lagoon

Our first day at Disney was a success! This was Bretts first time ever being at Disney and if you have never been there I feel your missing out because I love it. I think the magic and technology of it all is just mesmerizing. I've been to Disney World before but I think I got more enjoyment out of it because I just loved seeing how excited and happy he was. Animal Kingdom was great we both loved seeing all the exotic animals in the Safari that looked like African wild lands. We loved the new ride Mt. Everest it was crazy it's a roller coaster that takes you up the mountain and then when you reach the top you go back down backwards. It's tough to be a bug is a classic, which is a theatre within the Tree of Life. At the end and all the bugs are leaving you feel them crawling on the wood bench your sitting on. I remember that was coming so I was watching Bretts face haha! it was priceless.

So in all the pictures to come we don't look very cute but we didn't even care it was so hot (110F) we just felt like we had to do whatever it took not to melt even if that meant looking like a dork.

The Lion King Show was another favorite. The performers were amazing there was a lot of acrobatics and tricks.

Typhoon Lagoon is a water park in Disney World and it's so cool. They have a wave pool where it's one giant title wave that comes every five minutes or so. We would watch for the wave and then grab hands and jump. After the wave passed us I would say we would be a good 3 yds from where we started. Way fun but sometimes left me concerned that everything was still inside my suit ;)