Sunday, July 31, 2011

Picture Time

On the last full day in Oregon we went to this awesome beach to take some family pictures. Unfortunately the day we chose it was extremely windy and raining. You would never guess by the pictures. We had to block ourselves from the wind behind the rocks so our hair wasn't going straight up and it took a few takes. We didn't really get the pictures that we wanted because of the we were cold, wet and wind blown, but we were able to snap a few good ones. For those twilight fans this is the "la push" beach they go to in the first movie and we saw surfers there too!

I love my family!

My Cute Parents

My dad's sister Shauna and her husband Arch (love them!)

My cousin Cami's oldest daughter Kiera she is so beautiful

My brother thought he was funny posing with my umbrella

My brother is such a handsome dude

I like taking pictures but what I like even more is making them look all pretty. I wouldn't consider myself a pro at all I have a long ways to go but I hope I get there someday!

Whew I'm finally done blogging about this awesome amazing trip! We really had so much fun and created great memories. I love traveling with family for the sole reason of making great memories and documenting those with photos. WE LOVE OREGON!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Astoria, Oregon

On the fifth day we took a short trip up to Astoria to check out some cool locations. First we stopped at this shipwreck on the beach. Most of the ship in sunk into the sand so you can imagine how large it was. It run off course and ended up getting beached about 60 years ago. It made me feel a little like a pirate :)

Next we stopped at an old military fort that protected the columbia river in world war II. It was really interesting to see and a little creepy. We were the only ones there and it's a huge bunker that you can just get lost in.

After that we went to the place where Lewis and Clark had their winter camp. I'm not a big history person but I still thought it was cool to see. It seems so long ago and more like a story to me than something that actually happened. It was cool to stand in the place that Lewis and Clark lived, who really changed the world, changed our country forever.

We had to go climb the Astoria Column. It's this very tall column in Astoria that was built to commemorate the History. There are so many stairs that it made me very motion sick you just feel like your twirling in circles in a never ended staircase.
We had to take this picture because I have a picture just like this with my cousin bryce from the first time I visited when I was about 8. We are pretty hilarious I know :)

Us on top of the column. It was so crazy windy up there but the view was amazing. The bridge behind us goes to Washington.

We went and walked through this really old mansion. It was owned by a sea captain that would drive boats through the sandbar in the columbia during the 1800's. He was a huge influence in Astoria and pretty much ran the whole town. His house has since been donated to a historical society so we got to go through it. I love old stuff and seeing all their original furniture and belongings and picturing how things would have been. I would absolutely die to live in that house it was so cool.
My hubby is so cute I really love him!

In one of the little girls room they had old dresses that you could try on so I took an old picture of Kayla and Breanna

I've never actually seen Goonies but for those of you that have this is the goonies house. Brett was pretty excited. I'm pretty sure the purple trim is a new addition.

We stopped for a little break to check out this cool old cannery on the water.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cruzin around town

The fourth day we went for about a three mile jog on the beach it was awesome. Then we rented a Triple Surrey and cruised up and down the cute streets of Seaside. It was all pretty hilarious. I think we could have pedaled faster if we weren't laughing so hard. There was 10 of us and all so we had to stick Breanna the smallest up front in the basket. Most of the time I ended up stuck in the middle where you don't pedal but I really didn't mind :)

We were all screaming like this about 70% of the time

HAHAHAH! Nothing more needs to be said

After the Surrey adventure we walked through all the shops and loaded up on some salt water taffy. Oh boy let me tell you how obsessed I've become for fresh yummy salt water taffy. I could eat it until I'm sick oh wait I did.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Who cut the cheese??

The third day in Oregon we took a little road trip down the coast. We stopped in Tillamook for some Tillamook cheese of course. They have a few viewing areas that you can watch them make the cheese it was pretty cool. Then we had to get some Tillamook ice cream they had so many flavors to choose from and definitely was the best ice cream I've had I want another so bad. I also really really love some fresh cheese curds I could take some more of those too.

I look a little scary and blurry but please look at this adorable baby ice cream cone sample

We stopped to see the Cape Meares Lighthouse and the Octopus tree. The drive was amazing totally looked like scenes right out of twilight.

We saw a few deer running through the trees here. So beautiful I can't get over it.

The Octopus Tree

Please see that I have my twilight umbrella in this twilight forest and we even listened to twilight music on the way back.

We then went to Lincoln city to do some shopping at the outlet mall and watch some glass blowing. I've never seen glass blowing it was pretty cool to watch I wish I knew how to do it but it takes tons of patients. Before we headed back we ate at the famous Mo's.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oregon Coast Vacation

Yesterday we got home from our amazing vacation in Seaside Oregon. We went with my family and my Aunt and Uncle with three of their granddaughters. I love my family they are the greatest we laughed the whole trip and enjoyed every second. I'm going to miss the laid back days and all the delicious food we ate. We took so many pictures in Oregon because it was so beautiful.

The first day we flew into Portland had lunch and did some damage at H&M I can't tell you how much I love that store. I hear we are getting on in Salt Lake and I can't wait. We made our way to Seaside to enjoy a yummy seafood dinner, do some grocery shopping and get settled in our condo.

The second day my aunt and uncle arrived with three of their grand daughters so we headed to the beach for a day of kite flying, ate a delicious dinner and made a fire on the beach.

First day on the beach he is such a hunk I love him :)

My parents stole my camera and took a self portrait. I love my dad because he always keeps me laughing!

Brett really was struggling getting one of the kites to fly and I thought it was so cute watching him run up and down the beach trying his hardest.

Haha this really just makes me laugh! AJ was running as I was about to fall off and my Dad was chasing us with his kite

Seriously can my little baby brother be big enough to give me a piggyback ride?

My Dads goal was to whip my in the face with his kite tails as much as possible

I couldn't believe how high Brett got his kite you could hardly see it

We made a fire on the beach I absolutely loved it. Although it's simple I've always dreamed of sitting around a fire on the beach. The weather was perfect with a light jacket and there is nothing like laying on the beach at dark listening to the waves crash.

I love my mom it was so fun having her there because we are the same in so many ways we always share a meal, we cuddle together when we are cold and she is the most honest person when shopping.

They are so cute I just love them

I love making s'mores but it was even better in the sand. I didn't have to get dirty and I could lay there while making them or maybe it's just because the beach makes me happy!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

4th of July 2011

On the 4th we went out to American Falls to get some boating in before the evening festivities. It ended up being such a warm nice day.
Daisy and Abby so cute!

I really can't believed that I agreed to ride on the tube with my brother he is a little rough. This was towards the beginning when I was still smiling.

My parents always do a big party with their neighbors and friends so we went over there to BBQ and watch the fireworks

My cute cousin Joanna and her husband Albert and their little boy Tommy

I love this country that I am so blessed to live in. I am ever so grateful for my freedom and know that it doesn't come free. God Bless America!