Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ashley's Bridal Shower!!!

Recently I threw a Bridal Shower for Ashley. I did a honeymoon themed shower with beach decor and mexican food because they are going to Mexico for their honeymoon. It was a lot of fun and I think she really enjoyed it.

The invitation
We ate Cafe Rio pork salads, chips with salsa, queso and corn salsa. For the drinks we had Margaritas my favorite!!!!
Then for dessert I made these festive pudding and sand cups
Margarita Glasses!!!
The sand bucket was filled with cute bright colored fish loofahs for the prizes

Haha I love this picture! She got lots of fun gifts for her honeymoon!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

They're getting married

Ok so they got married, I'm a little behind. My best friend Ashley got married and I have so much to post so here is a start to all their many pictures.

I'm so happy for Ashley she has been my best friend since 3rd grade and it seems like every major thing in my life I have done with her. We grew up in the same neighborhood so there were many sleepovers and play dates. Some of those play dates included doing hair and makeup and glamour shots ( I think that was at age 11 :).

At age 11 I started dance with her at DSDS and continued on the competitive companies until my junior year.

At age 12 we went to Florida for Disney World and a Caribbean Cruise together. One of the funnest and most memorable trips. That year we were also Raggedy Ann and Andy for Halloween.

At age 14 we did cheerleading together at Alameda Jr. High and went to a dance competition in Disneyland.

At age 18 we went to college together at USU and were roommates. I don't think there is anyone else except Ashley that would be able to handle me as their roommate for a year. She is more than a friend she is a sister. I went through a very emotional year and she was always there to comfort me and be that good example.

I love you ash and I'm so happy for you!

I'm glad I as able to do their pictures for them she is gorgeous and they are such a cute couple. ENJOY!!

The front of their announcement
The inside of the announcement
The back of the announcement
Some other favorites

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Our lovely neighbors Spencer and Cali got me seriously hooked on Margaritas (virgin of course!). Every time we went over there they had a Margarita waiting for me with a generously salted rim. I love salt way to much and I think that is why I love this drink so much. The salt is incredibly shocking but tasty at the same time. Now I need a couple margaritas to get me through the week haha! If I don't have time or want to dirty the blender we have it on the rocks! It's a very good thing I'm not a drinker because I would be a good one :)

Movies, Margaritas and Good Friends it can't get better than that

Sunday, May 23, 2010

2nd Year Anniversary

I cannot believe we have been married for two years. When we were married I thought we would be so old and knowledgeable after two years. Unfortunately I don't feel knowledgeable at all. We are still learning many things about each other and learning how to live together but we love each other more than the day we were married. I never thought that being married would be this much work but I didn't know it would be this rewarding either.

I'm all about being honest because I hate it when people paint a picture that isn't so I think it causes more problems then just being honest so hear it goes. I apologize to everyone that has witnessed one of our fights but it happens. We do fight we do say mean things to each other and we have a lot of regrets. Our marriage isn't perfect and we have a lot to work on but we're real. We love each other more than words can describe and we are best friends. I'm not sure what I would ever do without him I need him and I know he needs me. Although I regret the mean things I've said and the bad attitudes I've had I appreciate the arguments and trials we have had because it has made us stronger. We are completely different people from two years ago but we have grown together and that is what matters. Most of all I know all is possible through our Savior Jesus Christ. Marriage isn't easy and I'm so grateful I have the gospel to help us find common ground and seek guidance.

I'm married to such a good man he is everything and more. He is patient with me, he laughs with me, he comforts me, he strengthens me and me makes me feel special. I'm so happy to be married to him for two years now and look forward to celebrating so many more anniversaries.
Nothing makes me happier than when Brett is spending time with me. We don't get to do stuff together often so we really cherish the time we have together. Brett got our anniversary off so he could help me take pictures at a prom dance. I was a little bummed to be spending our anniversary with a bunch of high schoolers but my dad needed the help. After the Jazz made it to the playoffs I knew Brett was just dying to go to a game. He is such a big Jazz fan and I knew I would be a pretty cool wife if I bought him tickets to the playoff game.

I surprised him the day before (graduation) that we were going down the next day to see the game. He was so excited!!!!! There is nothing that makes me more happy than to see him excited like that. We drove down in the afternoon and did a lot of shopping but it was all for gifts nothing for us :( We went to a nice dinner and then to the game.

The game was nuts it was the first home game against the Lakers and the energy in there was crazy. As I'm sure you all know they lost but in my opinion they should have won. They lost by one point at the buzzer with the ball even touching the rim. If they would have won it would have been the game of the season. At the end of the game we were shaking, felt like we had survived a heart attack and had killer migraines.

I know its a horrible picture but it's all we got. We asked this lady to take a picture of us and I've never seem someone so challenged with a camera she kept on cutting off our heads and all the pictures were blurry. My idea was to get the arena in the background hers was to shoot up our noses so here ya go :)
Before going home we wanted to end the night on a good note so we went to this amazing cookie place at the gateway mall. It was such a warm night so we sat out on the walkway and devoured our cookies.
Initially I didn't think the game was my ideal anniversary, but it was a blast because I got to spend it with my handsome husband and watch his excitement. I wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way.

Graduation Day

Graduation was wonderful!! I decided to only walk in the College of Business graduation ceremony and it was short and sweet. Graduation was bitter sweet because I realized I won't see many of the students and faculty again that I got to know quite well over the last three years. Who knows maybe I will end up there again someday but I always have a hard time saying goodbye.

I couldn't have done this without my wonderful husband. I can't even count the number of times he stayed up to help me with a project, write a paper or study for a test. He has put up with my grouchy stressed moods and has sacrificed so much so that I could finish my degree. I think he is just as happy that I'm done as I am. LOVE HIM!!!
This is Dr. Sandra Speck the chair over the Marketing Department. Over the last three years I have gotten to know her very well and I'm really going to miss working with her in the club and seeing her at school. She made me promise I would come back and visit so hopefully I can do that.
My parents are the BEST there aren't even words to explain it. They paid for the first two years of school for me and after paying it myself I realize what a sacrifice that is. They always provided me the best of everything, which I'm very grateful for. They have always been there to help and encourage along the way.
My brother in-law and mother in-law came to watch me walk and I really appreciated their support. I couldn't ask for better in-laws they would do anything for me and have been so good at encouraging me and they are always a good laugh!!!
My amazing parents threw me a graduation party and they went all out. When it comes to my parents they do everything in a grand extraordinary way and I love them for that. My dad was worried about the weather so he put up a massive tent/canopy in the back yard. He brought his huge grill, tables, chairs the whole works. Then the food was incredible I wanted to eat for days. Good thing there were leftovers so I could but all the thought and work they went to meant so much.
Some of the neighbors that came. We have the best neighbors and yes you should all be jealous :)
The huge ballon bouquet my parents got me

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm Graduating!!!!

I'm so excited that I'm graduating but it doesn't seem real yet. It probably won't seem real until Brett goes back in the fall. It will be so relieving not to have homework anymore. I'm really looking forward to not doing homework on Sunday anymore.

My dad worked his photo magic to take some graduation pictures of me for my announcements. It's so handy to have a photographer at my beck and call. Thanks DAD!!!

HAHA! I couldn't resist

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thank you Venus

I'm in a Business Speaking class this semester and one of the assignments are to give a technical speech. I choose to do my speech on the venus fly trap. My teacher, which teaches multiple sections choose me out of all the speeches to participate in a contest. I agreed to compete because they were giving money prizes. I'm happy to announce I got third place out of 6 people and received $100. Of course I wanted 1st place but I was extremely grateful to get third! I gave the speech the same day that Abby was spayed so I was worried about her at the time and I think I just had a lot of anxiety because I was more nervous than usual. I was bummed that I didn't do my best but I can't complain about $100.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Book Worm

It seems like the end of the semester has been worse than usual. Besides having a lot of tests I've had so many presentations, speeches and papers due. I'm the first to admit I'm don't usually get that much homework done on the weekends but the last couple I haven't had a choice. Last Saturday I spent all day sitting at the table doing homework and my little Abby was right there cuddled up by me the whole time. Have I said that I LOVE HER!!!

I looked under the table and she had nestled herself under the blanket I was using. CUTE!

I was studying at the table and I wasn't sure where she was so I got up to find her and she had jumped up on the couch and was sleeping. I was surprised to find her there because she never gets up on the couch unless we are up there with food or something. How can you not love this face?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Child

I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am that we got Abby. I really couldn't picture life without her everything revolves around her but I don't even care. It's a strange thing because I never thought I was a dog person but I must be because I LOVE HER!!! Brett and I are pretty convinced she is more human than dog because she loves to act like a human baby and we talk to her a lot. She is always doing something cute it is a pretty entertaining household because every three seconds Brett or I say "look honey she is being so cute". She is good about keeping me company when Brett is at work. I'm looking forward to no more school so she can have all of my attention. We have done a pretty good job at training her I'm so grateful she is obedient. Some things she can do now are: sit, lay down, come, stay, and we are working on roll over. The only thing she does that we don't like is she barks at people, tumble weeds, birds, other dogs anything that is unfamiliar to her. We're hoping more socializing at a puppy class will cure that. Brett trained her to sit right she comes in the door after going potty so we can take her leash off and then wait for a treat. Now she does it without having to say a word it's so nice. I take on average 3 pictures of her a day so I will spare you and only post a few.

Look how much she has grown in 2 months time
I can't believe how little she is in this video! Brett was whistling to the star spangled banner during the olympics and she didn't like it

Sometimes she sleeps like this, I think it's kind of funny
Before her 1st hair cut. I didn't want to get her groomed but now I admit she looked a little shaggy.
Bath Time
She likes Brett to hold her like a baby

She is cuddliest dog ever
Abby with her new hair cut
Abby was recently spayed and it was one of the hardest things ever. I love our vet she is awesome but it was still so hard for me. I tried to keep it together while we were there I didn't want Abby to sense something was wrong, but as soon as I walked out I started balling. I'm pretty sure the whole experience was worse for her than me she seemed to be fine except for being tired.

My stoned baby they gave her lots of pain meds