Sunday, March 27, 2011

My winter love

I love skiing more than I can explain. I love it because it is something I get to do with my family and I have so many great memories doing it. Some not so good memories like breaking my femur and blowing out my knee but it just makes me even more grateful my body can still do it. The earliest memories I have is probably about five years old when we would go to Sun Valley. My cousin Bryce and I were the best ski buddies we would ski together all day and just bomb it down the hill doing pizza the entire time. I also remember a time at Sun Valley with my cousin Jessica which is 3 years older and she took me down the face of the mountain. That was a little daunting for my edgy wedgey pizza skills so I sat down and cried until my uncle came and found me. He put me on his shoulders and skied down. If you know how dramatic I am I'm sure I thought I would die until my Uncle Lamar showed up and saved the day.

I'm so happy that Brett is gaining the same love for it that I have so we can have little baby ski bunnies some day. I wouldn't love it as much if I didn't get to share it with the best husband ever. This year he decided to try out snowboarding instead of skiing and he LOVES it! I've been surprised how quickly he is picking it up. After only going twice he went to the top of the mountain with me. I'm so happy and proud of him he is such a good sport. Every time we went my parents and I got worn out before 4pm but Brett and AJ kept going until the last run.

My brother AJ has gotten so good at snowboarding I can't believe it. He is way better at his age than I was soon he will be able to out run me.

Skiing at Snowbasin during spring break

Earlier in the year my good friend Cali invited me to go night skiing with her. It was so much fun we cruised down the runs and were able to get like 13 runs in just a couple hours. It was fun watching Cali do the jumps she has legit skills. When I went over the jumps I would just scream and then think why did I do that lol!

Goodbye Skiing see you next year!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Valentines Day

For valentines this year the girls got together and planned a fun surprise for the boys including a scavenger hunt dinner, games and ice cream!! It was such a blast I cherish the fun memories we have made with our wonderful friends! It may not have been the boys choice of entertainment but they were good sports about it and went a long with the surprise.

The first clue was to McKees Pet Store

We tied the next clue to the puppy and that took them to Coldstone

Then they went to Foot Locker

Next to Golds Gym
Winco to the gummy bear bin :)
The last stop was Ruby Tuesday. The girls were there waiting and I think the guys were glad to be done with the scavenger hunt
Then we went to Hubbards to play minute to win it!!

The first game was "Hows it Hanging" Where you have to swing the banana to knock two oranges into the hula hoop. I failed at this one but it was pretty hilarious to watch everyone attempt.

We also played "Junk in the Trunk". This one was way too easy because the only balls I could find were a little heavy so Charish took on the challenge to strap a box to the front and back.
We played " The Chocolate Unicorn" and I think I have the perfect forehead to do this type of thing lol! I owned this one despite the non-believers
This game was so hard you had to get the gumball to fall into a designated spot on the racquet. No one was successful but Emily had some pretty impressive skills.
We thought the staircase would be so perfect for a cheesy family photo and well I'm not sure what Clayton is doing haha!
After games we went back to Coldstone for some yummy ice cream. I'm so grateful for my Valentine I hope he knows how much I love and appreciate him.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Thriftiness Part 2

I love having date nights with my hubby even if it's just watching a movie at home. In our first tiny apartment we would take all the cushions off the couch and make a bed for our movie night. This time we upgraded to our air mattress. To continue our thriftiness we went to red box to get a movie and as Brett was standing in line he saw a guy using a coupon code he used the same one a scored us a free movie. I know it's just a dollar but there is something exhilarating from getting something free.

We took some pictures with my computer and they make me laugh we didn't realize it was taking more than one
And we love our cute baby

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I wouldn't call myself thrifty but today was a whole different story. When we woke up today Brett and I laid out a new budget to get all our debt paid off. After that we were feeling the pinch but still wanted to go out and do stuff. We dug out all of our gift cards we had and figured out how much was on them. I was surprised but how many gift cards we had. We went to Wal-Mart to get supplies for a craft project I'm working on and of course used a gift card. We then went to JCP to get a few things for Brett and used up one of two JCP cards. We then went to Maurices and I bought some jewelry with a punch card I had filled up. Then we went to Pier 49 for a free meal of an appetizer and pizza from a coupon card. We were going to go to Chilis for free dessert but were too full and tired. I love feeling thrifty I am setting a new goal to spend less and save more!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Its been a while

Its been a while I know. Life has been so busy, but a good kind of busy. I'm back to blogging for now with a fresh new look. Brett is cruzing through his 2nd to last semester and I'm still loving my job. It's been a little nuts at work lately because we are doing an overhaul on the restaurant more about that to come. Nothing too exciting beside our normal daily life but we do have some great friends and have done some super fun things that I need to blog about so here I go.

Us friends got together for some Superbowl fun. I love a reason to gather and chat with the girls. You can't have Superbowl without the food so of course we had lots of calorie packed food and it was delicious. The girls didn't watch really any of the game but we had a good time chatting and laughing as always.

Charish, Hawkins, Me, Janessa, Cali and Emily

Clayton, Spencer, Alan, Chase and Brett

Brett loves babies and we usually have to fight over who gets to hold them. He was loving holding cute baby Hawkins.