Thursday, October 22, 2009

The beloved Apartment

Before we started to move everything I took a bunch of pictures of the apartment. Now that I look back at the pictures I can't believe how we survived in such a small space and especially the kitchen. The kitchen was so small it's comical. I didn't do any cooking in there, I'm sure you understand why. I'm so grateful to have a bigger kitchen now I love to cook, and now I have some counter space to do so. Even though this apartment was itty bitty we really did love it. It was in such an awesome location, walking distance to school, very nice neighborhood and amazing landscaping. We have a lot of great memories there but we were glad to see it go.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My trip to Mexico with the Inmate

When I got to work this morning there was this framed picture on my desk. One of the other interns took a picture of Brett and I off of facebook and did some work to it. When I saw it I died laughing it looks so real. Notice that those are still Brett's legs and the guys shirt says State Prison. HAHA I love it !!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm obsessed

We house sat for a my parents a couple time this summer because they love to travel but have a puppy. I surprise myself everyday at how much I love her, I may be obsessed. I've never been a dog person and never thought in a million years that I ever would be. Every time I see my Zoey she is so excited to see me I don't know how I couldn't love her. My mom and brother have been doing a lot of classes and training with her. She is so smart and a very good dog for the most part.

This is her "Star Puppy Award" from Puppy School
She loves Brett it's so cute

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Way Over Due

It has been over 3 months since I posted last. I can't believe I totally dropped the ball like that. We had such an amazing amazing summer and I can't wait to post about it. I'm going to be better about documenting my life because I want to remember this stuff forever. The last three months go like this, lots of boating trips, Brett's B-day, Disney World vacation, new house, my B-day, school.

We love to take boating trips with my family. We don't get to go all the time because we both have jobs that conflict, but we love to go whenever we can. One of my favorite places to go is Bear Lake because the water is so beautiful. It's not smooth very often but I guess it's give and take. I was bad at getting pictures of the day but these are the few I did take.

Brett gets pretty crazy on the knee board!
This is Breanna she is a cutie
No I don't know these people. We all thought it looked pretty funny seeing these two ladies just chillin out in the water. We thought about photoshoping some rooftops in the background to make it look like it was a flood. Maybe the sun was getting to us I don't know. I did not take this picture either that would be my father. We all thought he would just sneak up and get a picture but no he had to get a front view as well haha! I love my Family.

We had another great laugh that day. These people that were set up next to us had this post by their stuff that had a faucet with a water hose on one side and electrical cord on the other side. We talked about this stupid post all day and how in the world they were getting water and electricity. We were at the same spot on the beach the day before and we were all confident that if it was there the day before we would have noticed. Towards the end of the day we see them start to pack up their stuff. The guy pulls the post out of the ground and throws it in his truck. We all busted up laughing because we were all so freakin confused. They all dared me with a Raspberry milkshake to go ask him how he did that. I'm all about the milkshake can't leave Bear Lake without one. I went and asked him and they all started laughing. Turns out the whole thing was a practical joke. That is a guy that goes to great lengths for a joke.