Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Allen Dykman

As I have posted about before I am the Idaho Business Leader of the Year Chairperson. I've begun to feel a little overwhelmed with everything there is to do I just want the event to be perfect. After a time intensive nomination process we voted on a winner, his name is Allen Dykman. Brandon, the president of the fraternity, the Dean of the college of business and our advisor all traveled down to Boise to surprise our winner. His wife and friends were in on the scheme but Allen had no idea. We were playing as insurance agents and then when all his friends and family had gathered we announced why we were really there. He owns an electric supply company headquartered Boise and has offices in multiple places around the country. He is a former football star at BSU and has had a lot of involvement with BSU. He is a great guy I'm excited for this years IBLOY. The list of this guys accomplishment was very impressive and when we went to surprise him there were many distinguished business people there to support him including the president of BSU and his wife.

I feel so fortunate to have these opportunities. It was a very neat experience, it was a time when I was taken back by myself and the person I've become. I feel like such an ordinary person and moments like this when I've done something extraordinary it makes me think about how much I am capable of. When I think of who Mickenzie is I don't really think of a professional business woman that is excelling her career but it's what I want to become. That is why I cherish these moments when I feel like I've become someone; I have a long way to go but feel like I'm on the right track.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The New House

We love our new house so much. I thought I would just find a house that I liked but I love this house, I love it more and more everyday. We were really nervous that after a while in the house there would be something that would start to bother us and we would regret. I can happily say there are no regrets here. If Brett goes to medical school we will have to move in a couple years and I'm already dreading it. I'm so attached to this house it is the perfect fit. There are still some minor improvements that we want to make but for the most part it's just the way we want it. I took a picture of about every angle and room so don't feel like you have missed out if you haven't gotten a personal tour it's all right here.

Downstairs Bathroom
The Garage
My Sink
Brett's Sink
Our bedroom minus a nightstand (we're working on it)
My beloved pieces of art
One of my favorite features the "walk in closet"
Upstairs- Laundry and soon to be place for entryway table.
I would like a long skinny black one let me know if you find
a cute one for cheap.
Office (in progress)
Exercise Room