Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day

Every year I go to the cemetery with my parents to clean the graves and take flowers. I'm grateful for my parents example and how diligent they are. My mom's mom is buried in Preston and my mom even drove up by herself to take flowers. When my dad cleans the graves he cleans them alright. I know he doesn't have to go to the extent he does, but it's a great example to me.

I never got the chance to know either of my grandmas but I did know my Grandpa Stuart very well and I miss him so dearly. It will be 10 years this year since he passed and it hasn't gotten any easier. I occasionally think about him and it makes me emotional. Being the only child for 12 years of my life it was always just me and my grandpa. When he would babysit me we would go on date nights. He is the kindest man I've ever met and I'm excited for the day I get to reunite with him.

My Grandpa would dress up as Santa Clause and one year my dad had him come over so he could take some pictures of us in the photo studio that was in our house. I screamed like I was being killed when he came because I didn't know it was him. In order to make me cooperate he had to show me it was "Papa Clause" and that he was Santa's helper. This picture is so precious to me. I loved my grandpa so much!

I'm also grateful for those that made the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom. We live in a wonderful country and my heart goes out to all the men, and women that serve in the armed forces.