Friday, April 30, 2010

Girls Night Easter Party

I was in need of some girl time so before Easter we got together to dye eggs and eat desert. I love all my girlfriends they are the best we had so much fun. I think most of the entertainment came from blowing out the eggs. We are all such girls because each time we would all squirm watching all the albumin crap squirt out.

Emily drilling out her egg (yes we are hard core)

haha! This makes me laugh check out the stream
Emilys got goin on she must be professional

We all had a race to see who could blow out an egg the fastest it was so hilarious. I came in third because I couldn't stop laughing. GROSSS!!!

The Eggies
None of us girls could figure out this stinkin apple cutter to make our desert so we called on Alan, Emily's husband (he was also our camera man)

Love these girls!!! I have to say it's hard having such beautiful girlfriends. So much to live up to!!!
I would like to make a cool Martha Stewart easter centerpiece using tree branches and hanging the eggs off of it but this will do for this year.
In the process of hanging the eggs on the three I broke this one. I'm so sad about it because this one was my favorite. I guess there is always next year.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

For over 20 years my mom was a registered nurse and from that experience she came up with an idea to invent a bed. I admire her for pursuing it because how many of us say it sure would be nice if there was something like this but don't do anything about it. My mom barely breaks 100 lbs but she had to push 200+ lb patients all over the hospital in a bed that itself weighed 400 lbs. Over the years patients only seemed to get heavier and it really took a toll on her body. So now that she is retired she decided to do something about it and invent a bed that would drive itself. Currently there are beds that do this but they don't steer very well and they are so expensive that usually hospitals only rent them. She wanted to make a bed that the driving mechanism could be retrofitted onto any existing bed and that would be able to turn corners.

She contacted the College of Engineering and three students selected her bed to work on for their senior project. They applied for a some grants that gave them a couple thousand dollars to produce this prototype. The bed isn't perfect by any means I think it is expected for something like this to take longer than two semesters and more money then what they had, but it I still think it's awesome. The bed can go go crazy fast I bet you could drive it down the road haha! It's not so realistic I don't think you would want it to go that fast in a hospital, but it's fun to play with. It turns corners really well as shown in this video and also note there is approx 500 lbs on the bed. GO MOM!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cali the Artist

My friend Cali is an amazing artist. She was in the downtown art walk so my friend Emily and I went to support her. My favorite piece is this one "Sometimes limited in materials... never creativity", you can see it behind us in the picture. Click here to see her work!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break was amazing I wish every week could be like that. Brett always works everynight except Sunday and Monday. I have night class every Monday so we never get the chance to go out with friends or anything. Most of the time I don't think much of being home a lone every night because it's our normal. Brett was able to switch his schedule around during spring break because he didn't have class. We spent 4 nights doing things and it was more amazing then I can even explain. It lit a spark that we had forgotten about; we thought we were dating again it was so fun.

Tuesday Night: We had pizza and went bowling with our friends Cali and Spencer. We had so much fun with them we laughed all night long. Spencer and Brett are goofs so Cali and I had a good time laughing at them.

Spencer getting serious about the game by sporting the high-waters

Wednesday Night: We had our friends Brooks and Lindsey over for a card game. It got pretty competitive but I can't even remember who won. We will say the girls won :)

Thursday night: Brett and I went to the Spring Fair at the Holt Arena with my parents and their friends. We were really only going for the food and ended up buying way too much stuff. I found this jewelry place that had really cute stuff for cheap!!! I got a couple necklaces and a hat (I have the best husband). All the stuff was about $12 for a necklace and matching earrings, which I think is great because it's such cute stuff. I kinda want more so I've been thinking about having a party, let me know if you are interested. Then we found this grill thing that is super cool. We got some other stuff but I can't even remember now. We ate some amazing food. I had some mini doughnuts and they were to die for YUMMMM!!!!

Friday Night: We went to the temple with our friends Spencer and Cali and then to Red Robin. I'm so glad we were able to get away to the temple because it had been too long since we last went. I love the feeling when I'm there and I had a really cool feeling about the person I was doing work for. I'm so grateful for this gospel it is the true church and I'm grateful for the peace it provides in my life. After the temple we went to Red Robin and it was so delicious. I think everyone really loved their meal and we all left feeling stuffed. The ride home again was hilarious, it's such a good thing to laugh.

If only every week were like this :)

Idaho Business Leader of the Year

It doesn't seem life has slowed down much since the big event, but hopefully I can get caught up soon. For a year now I have been in charge of planning this "Business Leader of the Year" event. It really was another part time job but now looking back I really enjoyed it. The process began by seeking nominations and then we had to pick a winner. Then came the crazy part planning everything. I had help of about 20 people in the fraternity, but sometimes it seemed like more work to coordinate everything. I wanted it be a perfect event so I was really picky about everything and I'm glad I put so much work into it.

The event began early Wednesday morning with the executives from Dykman Electrical speaking in classes. Then came lunch time and I was in charge of the food we had soup bowls and 4 different kinds of soup. Then in the evening we had a social bowling night with the executives and the brothers. It was really cool to see the executives let their hair down and have a good time. We even got some dancing out of them.

Thursday began with breakfast and then more speaking in classes. We had a panel discussion for the whole university in the Bengal Theatre followed by a catered luncheon. After the luncheon all the brothers went to the performing arts center to set up for the banquet.
After scrabling to decorate the tables put the flower arrangements together then we all ran home to get ready. At this point I felt like a chicken with my head cut off. The banquet began with a reception with open bar that the Unviersity Presidents office puts on. Then the dinner and program started. The event was attended by 200 people made up of, faculty, recipient supporters and community sponsors. This year we sold 10 sponsorships at $600 each; I'm really proud of the fratnerity for this.

Me speaking
Presenting Allen with his award during the Banquet
Myself with Dixie and Allen
The Fraternity with Dixie and Allen Dykman

All in all it was a ton of work but so worth it at the same time. I got my name out there with many company exceutives in attendance and it just felt good. After it was over I felt so relieved and proud of myself for pulling this off. Many people like the previous Dean of the College of Business said he thought it was the best one yet. That means so much because this is an event that has been going on for over 50 years and the dean himself has been to at least 10 of them. I wish I could do something like this for a living I loved it.