Monday, November 30, 2009

Florida Day 4- AKPsi

There were a lot of award ceremonies and banquets today. It was the last day of the convention and all I could think about was seeing Brett and leaving that gross hotel. Everyone was so sad that things were coming to an end and they had to go home but my trip was just beginning it was the best feeling ever. I know it was only three days but Brett and I don't do very well being apart. He is my best friend and I love spending time with him.

Spencer, Mike, Andrea (AKPsi national president)
This made me laugh all the guys near by us were tying their cloth napkins together to make this giant train. Then when we sang the AKPsi song they swayed their napkins it got to be a pretty long chain.
These two girls were in my room

After the convention was over about 9pm I took a taxi over to the hotel we would be staying at for the week. He flew in a couple hours before se he was already at the hotel waiting. I told him to wait in the room because I knew I would completely embarrass myself if I were to see him for the first time in the lobby. When I saw him I had the biggest smile on my face and soon after I started to cry because I was just so happy and excited. We stayed at a newly built Raddison 1 mile away from disney. We got a killer deal on the room it was only $70 a night and room was just AMAZING it even had sleep number beds the kind where each side adjust it was heaven. We walked to a near by grocery store to fill our fridge food for breakfast and lunches. We tried to get to bed early because Animal Kingdom and Typhoon Lagoon were tomorrows plan.

Florida Day 3- AKPsi

Today consisted of more meetings and a banquet but one fun thing we got to do was go to this place called Wonder Works. It's a museum of things that mess with your mind, optical illusions and stuff. I loved it all, it made me laugh because I'm a gullible person so I had a hard time realizing what I was actually seeing.

This is the front of the building and it's upside down!!! all the details are there too there was even a mailbox and light post up on the roof. They really made it look like someone took a chunk out of the ground and flipped it upside down.
This is mike in the hurricane simulator. There was a giant fan that blew air at the speeds of a hurricane. It was a pretty crazy feeling.
You could lay on a bed of nails and then the operator would push a button and all the nails would come up. I could feel how sharp the nails were on my hands it was crazy that it didn't hurt.
They had a whole bubble factory where you could make these giant bubbles it was pretty cool. The bigger the bubble you make the bigger the splash when it breaks therefore we were all covered in soap.
I went to the MOON!!!

HAHA wow this makes me laugh. Trust me you don't get the effect in the video but your walking on this plank and it really feels like it's moving because as your walking you keep slamming into the rails. It's impossible to just walk straight through unless you close your eyes maybe.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Florida Day 2- AKPsi

Day 2:

There wasn’t too much going on today so we had more time to play. We had some meetings with our region to discuss legislations for AKPsi. It was fun to mingle with Brothers from our region and meet our crazy region director. We had a luncheon but I can’t remember what it was for. For our evening entertainment we went to Universal Studios. After a little shopping we went to the city walk which is a bunch of really cool clubs. These clubs are like the ones you see on TV I thought it was so cool. The ones I went to was Bob Marley club that had a reggae band, the red coconut that was very upscale, a Latin club with salsa dancing, and The Rising Star karaoke club. I spent about 6 hours going around to these clubs it was fun but I was so tired by the end. I was pretty much the only person not drinking but I think I had a better time than those that were drunk. I found it very humorous watching all the drunks and everyone in our group was wasted. The karaoke club was my favorite is a famous karaoke club it was even recently featured on Oprah.

This video is of a girl that was in my room. HAHA! I thought it was so funny that I had to video it. She is kind of a crazy girl to begin with but she was very drunk at this point.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Florida Day 1- AKPsi

My florida trip started out with the fraternity convention in Orlando. About 900 brothers were in attendance it was crazy. It blew my mind to see how many AKPsi members there really are out there. ISU had three students there but some fraternities had 30+ and even traveled from the west coast. It inspired me to make ISU's fraternity bigger and better than ever. It was really cool to experience the sense of brotherhood unity. Everyone there was so different but we all came together as friends and brothers. Because we all has this common bond it seemed as if we all had each others back. There were many times where brothers I didn't even know would ask me if I need something (like when I was locked out of my room time and time again). It was a very cool experience and I'm glad I had the opportunity.
Day 1:
The night prior I was up until about 3am packing then I had to be up at 5am. Well as you can imagine I was so tired I turned my alarm clock off without realizing it. Brett was driving me and another AKPsi brother to the SLC airport. I woke up to Mike calling me saying umm I'm waiting for you where are you. I totally freaked out that both of us were going to miss our flight. I felt really bad!! So I brushed my teeth grabbed everything I needed to get ready and jumped in the car. My hair and makeup looked really great that day but it's all I could do. I made Brett drive like mad to the airport and we made it to our gate as they were calling for boarding. Call us lucky!!!

After a long flight we got to the hotel, which the lobby seemed very impressive. The hotel was enormous, I would say it's about the size of ISU lower campus, there were 18 different buildings. So I got to my room that I was sharing with 3 other girls I didn't know and it was gross. Worst room I've ever stayed in and it was even a suite that we paid $120 a night for. I'm a little bit of a priss when it comes to that stuff. Before the events started I took a shower and started crying in the shower because it was so gross. The enamel on the tub was worn off the grout was coming off on the walls and mold was growing in there and lots of long black hair everywhere. I get really freaked out about hair. After I got ready I went to the opening social and then we grabbed something for dinner and when to a Jazz Club B.B. Kings.

The Jazz Club was really fun you definitely don't see this stuff in Pocatello. We all were dancing in front of the stage it was a good time!!! The club was a ways away from our hotel so we took a pedicab (guy riding a bike) back. The poor guy he had to pull all of us really far and he did it so fast.
Mike and Spencer with our Cab driver (or peddler I guess)
I had to video a small clip of the Jazz club because it was great!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brett's Big Birthday Surprise

I'm just a few months behind considering Brett's birthday was in August. I started planning his surprise in May and the anticipation absolutely killed me. I was going to Orlando to attend a convention for school. He was excited for me but bummed that I was leaving him. Then I got the great idea how about he just come with me. I worked it out so my returning flight was a week after everyone else. Brett flew down after the convention was over and we played at Disney World for a week. I gave him the surprise the weekend before he was to leave when his family was together for his "Birthday Dinner". Nobody knew about the surprise but me so his family was just as excited to find out. I had no idea it would bring me so much joy to see how happy it made my husband. Just the look on his face when he found out made me start to cry (emotional I know). I was so excited to leave for orlando in a couple days and then spend a week with just the two of us. Such an amazing day in my book!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

To my Preschool Sweetheart

I came across this picture the other day and my heart just melted. Brett and I went to Preschool together and like to say "it was love at first sight". I'm pretty sure I bossed him around and took his toys away but I guess he still loved me despite :) I'm so grateful for all he does he truly is amazing. He works about 50 hours a week while going to school and keeping me happy. I'm not sure how the man does it but he does well. I can't wait for the day when we can see each other more than a couple hours a day.