Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The wait is over I finally got to find out what happens next. Eclipse was awesome mostly because I didn't know what would happen and it was killing me, but I think new moon is still my favorite. I really can't wait for the next movie to come out so I guess I will resort to reading the book.

The movie premier was crazy people are nuts. We thought we would outsmart the crowds and go to all three movies so that we could get a good seat. Nope that wasn't the case at all, all that meant was that we had a bad seat for all three movies which ended up being a total of 8 hours. It was long but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be it was fun to watch the first two movies again and to be with friends.

Ashley and I in our twilight wear
Notice our cute necklaces that my mom made and my twilight nails

A little vacay to Venice

For graduation/anniversary Brett surprised me with two nights at Destinations Inn in Idaho Falls. It's taken us a while to find some time to make it but it was well worth the wait. He didn't tell me which room we had until we got here and he picked the perfect room. The room is the coolest thing ever. We want to make a tradition of doing this every year and trying out other rooms. Thanks to self timer we will give you a tour of the room.

The tub looked like a gondola going under a bridge and was surrounded by a pond of water that you had to cross by going over a bridge.
This picture is to show how huge the steam shower was
Our bed was on a bridge above our pond and tub
Brett sitting on our veranda pouring some bubbly
This cute little veranda sat above the pond where we enjoyed ...
this (some complimentary cider and cheesecake)

The view from the bed of our drop down TV

The tub was so cool it was a bubble tub (different then a jet one) and even had changing colored lights

Brett took me shopping despite the lack of money we have I was proud of all the loot we ended up with. I had multiple things that needed to be returned so we did that and then hit some killer sales. My favorite purchase was a pair of jeans from old navy. Forever now I've been trying to loose weight and I feel like I didn't loose any until I wasn't thinking about it anymore. A lot of people have asked me did you loose weight and I kept saying "no my pants are just stretching out", but then I stepped on the scale. I guess I have lost weight and it feels great I went down three pant sizes no more baggy pants for this woman :) This only motivates me to keep going.

After some shopping we went out to dinner at the Sandpiper. I've never been to the one in Idaho Falls but it was so nice we got to sit outside and the weather was perfect. The food was so delicious.

The view at dinner

I have the best husband ever and he spoils me rotten and I love him!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Time of our lives

The last 5 days have been such a blast. I feel so lucky to be able to spend this time with Brett. Friday we went camping with our friends and it was so much fun (pictures to come). Saturday we went boating with my family and it was beautiful. The sun was out and the water was calm so I jumped at the opportunity to wake board. We are now enjoying some relaxing time at the Destinations Inn in Idaho Falls and then tomorrow night I'm going to eclipse!!!! I wish every week could be this exciting.

Do they come cuter?
AJ doin his tricks!
I'm still working on my tricks for now this is all I've got

They are just so stinkin cute
Abby was so well behaved on the boat she just laid down anywhere she could to catch some sleep

AJ and Brett got pulled around on the tube forever so while they were doing this ....
everyone on the boat was sleeping. Zoey my parents dog asleep next to me, my mom was sleeping and Abby is asleep on the floor
It was so nice to get out on the boat and soak up some sun hopefully we will be able to do that a few more times this year.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

People I love

This girl loves it when her daddy comes home from work
Andrew James is a stud! We enjoyed a nice bike ride together the other day

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I can hardly wait!!!

I'm completely obsessed with twilight it's true. Funny thing is I haven't read one book A) because while in school I didn't have time for non-academic books and B) I have this crazy idea that I will enjoy the movie more when I don't know what is happening.

So because I don't know what is going to happen in this book I'm just dying to watch the movie. I'm completely intrigued by edward he is magical and mysterious but I can't pass Jacob up because of that body come on. My husband really loves that I obsess over a 17 year old but ummm I can't help myself. I think I would go with Jacob because I like warmth and he seems more affectionate. I guess we will see what happens no matter what I won't be disappointed :)

My mom and some friends are going to the premier tuesday so we are contemplating making new shirts or wearing one of the other 10 that we have. These are some of my favs!

Friday, June 25, 2010

A very small glimpse of summer

The other day we just couldn't take it anymore and went boating despite the less then optimal weather. We took our friends the Panniers and they were so patient. We had weather problems then boat problems then more weather problems. So needless to say we didn't get in but it was fun to get out for a while and Abby got to go for her first swim.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Going Retro

I was so tired of doing the same old things so to spice it up we went roller skating at Delta and then came back for Root Beer floats. It was such a blast it's been a while since I laughed until it hurt. We have such a fun group of neighbors!!!!


They're Goofs

Alan and Emily two love birds

All we could focus on was smiling no tricks here

Lindsey pulling Brooks off the floor
(This was a common occurrence for a few of us haha!)
So retro the hair blowing and everything I love it!

Future roller rockettes

Here comes the train!

Alan and Emily Groovin

Charish came to the house for floats she is so cute love her!

Spencer and Cali

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Blogging is so therapeutic for me it's a weird phenomenon. My parents totally don't get blogs and facebook they think it is so boring. They think of it like when you go to someone's house and they say would you like to look through my scrapbook? Now that sounds boring and I'm not sure why blogging is much different. I love to post what is happening in my life and reading about what other people are doing.

I think journaling is really important I want my kids to be able to see our life before them and I love looking back and seeing how much I've changed. I want to remember the friends we had and the fun things we did with them. I want to remember the good times and the bad and it all happens here on the blog.

Has anyone printed a book through blogger? I want to print a book but I'm not sure where to stop and start. I don't scrapbook so I figure that a blog book will have to do for my journal and scrapbook.

These flowers are also therapeutic for me. The pot that was on our steps was really sad there wasn't even anything in it, it was just there because we had it when we moved and that is where it ended up. Now that it is warming up I decided to splurge and get a new pot and some pretty flowers. I came across these flowers at Fred Meyers and had to have them. I love hydrangeas and the color was stunning. I've kept them alive (for the most part) so far, but I don't have a good history with plants so we will see.

Friday, June 4, 2010

My little brother is not so little anymore :(

The title says it all my little baby is growing up. Because there is such a big age difference between us when he was little I was more of a mom to him. When we had him in foster care at 18 months I would beg my mom to let him sleep in my room and I would wake up in the night with him, change diapers and all. The funny thing is I totally loved it, it was fun to play mom. Due to his traumatic babyhood he got scared easily and didn't like to be alone, so for the first couple years he slept in my bed. When he was five I finally had to convince him he had to be a big boy and sleep in his own bed, he was so sad. I really cherish those times we had such a sweet bond. Now those times are few and far between because you know it would be uncool to love your sister, but I still love him to death.

I'm sorry that every post I have to take a trip down memory lane but sadly this is my only journal and I want to remember all these great memories.

Now to the real reason for the post! My brother turned 12 and now is a deacon. So weird!! Among all the other million invitations and announcements I've been doing my mom convinced me to make one for my brothers birthday. It's a little corny but it was late at night and admit it's kind of cute. He wanted to take his friends to Craigos for lunch and then the new Shrek 3D movie. Brett and I were able to go and decided that 12 year old boys are just crazy.

I don't know what is happening in this picture
Seth, Nick (Brett's brother), Robbie, AJ (my brother), Dallin, Will, and Danny was missing in this picture