Monday, March 22, 2010

Summa Time

I'm sure you can see from my blog makeover that I cannot wait for Summer. I love every nice day that we have I feel like it just lifts my spirit. Saturday I laid outside in our backyard and soaked up the sun for about an hour I LOVED IT!!! I'm looking forward to spending more time with Brett and to go boating with my family. I'm excited for Abby's first trip on the boat I hope it goes well; we ordered her a life vest :) Another reason I cannot wait for summer is because I will be graduating!!! No more school for me (well at least for now). It's so weird to think I don't need to be thinking about fall classes or financial aid. I'm so happy to be graduating I've worked hard for this and it an amazing feeling to see it happen. After changing majors half way through I'm proud of myself for finishing in 4 years.

My Future Graduation Photo
As far as life goes we are doing well. Lately Brett and I haven't had any free nights together because Brett works every night except Sunday and Monday but I have night class Monday. This week being Spring Break Brett was able to trade his shifts for day shifts. We will get to spend 4 evenings together this week I'm so excited. I've learned not to take the simple things for granted. Our little puppy is growing big she is 6 lbs now and very playful. She feels just like our kid we love her more and more everyday. She just seems to get cuter everyday. Brett is still loving his job at the Hospital and he is doing great in school. Recently he got a 91% on an accounting test and I'm so proud of him. It was a really hard test that he studied hard for and it seems to have paid off. I love my new job at Bannock Development because they spoil me. We are so blessed in our lives, but I keep yearning for something more. I know if I'm patient the blessing will be even greater.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Skiing

Two weekends ago Brett and I went to Wolf Creek to ski Snow Basin with my family. It was such an amazing day, it was beautiful weather and the snow was great. I can't say how much I love to ski and I can't wait to have little ski bunnies of my own. I started skiing when I was three and I'm so grateful my parents started me young. It was fun to be there with my family and Brett was such a trooper. I kept pushing him to do harder and harder terrain and he obliged (most of the time). Snow Basin is my favorite place to ski although it comes at a pretty penny, but at the end of the day it was all worth it. My brother is so cute and I love him, it's fun to do stuff with him now that he is able to keep up with everyone. AJ switched to snowboarding the same year I switched back to skiing and that makes him sad because we all ski. So next year I told him I would dig out the snowboard and I'm really excited about it. It will be something fun we can do together and maybe he can teach me a few tricks.